Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Crawling up hill slowly

I sat in my car in the parking lot this morning giving my manuscript a final reader over before I send it into my editor. I was there at 6:45am because, this is a one car family and that means if the man has to get to work early then I go to work early. Some of you might think this is a bad thing, but I'll tell you what it's not.

Yes I'm a little more tired in the evening on the days that he has to go to work early. But, I do get an extra hour to write/edit on those mornings. It's just me, the empty work parking lot and my laptop. Sometimes i'm joined by the odd woodpecker or squirrel.

The truth is I'm beginning to like these mornings. When my creative brain is on and I don't have anyone asking me to find their socks or their backpacks. (the kids are at grandma's. Fall will come soon enough. In case your wondering I have beach time scheduled with them this week)

You've heard that writing advice, write first thing in the morning. It turns out it works. At least for me a few days a week.

I've been the girl who has to wait until the kids go to sleep at night. I'm the girl who eeks out  an hour and a half of work before dropping into bed.

This self publishing journey has taught me and reminded me of a few things:

  • Do not rush 
  • Quality, Quality, Quality then Quantity
  • Taking care of yourself is a major priority everything else will suffer if you don't (hence the PIYO and My fitness Pal)
  • Plans are meant to be modified, flexibility and creative thinking are necessary
  • Deadlines are important. you can't be going off all wily nily 
  • Don't forget your family or your friends
  • when all else fails a day off will recharge your batteries 
Since I missed Music Monday! Here's the song that started off my day!  Shine

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Adventures in NOLA- Part 3

Last post I promise I took way too many pictures. (unless you want to see the madness of the book fair)

Of course I had to stalk my favorite people Trent Hart!
Love him.

See I was stalking Jeffe Kennedy too!

There's nothing like running into sexy models on a pub crawl. Where can we see these specimens in the wild you ask? 
On Bourbon Street of course!
Yes. That's Scott Nova and my buddy Jodi Vaughn.

Shane! I lost his info, if someone knows it please email me.

And Jeremy, Charles was around some where but I didn't see him.

Got to hang out on a balcony with Kristen Painter and threw beads at passers by.

And totally had a fan girl moment with Kristin Callahan.

Proof, that I was above Bourbon Street.

Really good music.

A busty young lady kept trying to get me to take a shot !

Stopped by Pat O'Briens.

As always my diet included beignets.

Then there was the Samhain Saints and Sinners ball. 

I'm with the lovely Gennita Low.

Danced with my good friend Adrienne Trent.

Ran in to Scott, again.

And the lovely PJ Schndyer 

And the other devil on my shoulder Noelle Pierce.

I took way too many photos and had a ton on fun. I learned a great deal. RT and NOLA I had a blast.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Adventures in NOLA Part 2

That's my buddy Kwana! 

There is nothing better in this world than meeting up with good friends and RT certainly provided me with the opportunity to meet up with  lots of them.

My other buddy Deborah Blake Dempsey

Then there is that bar I told you about. You know the one that if you stood in one place long enough you'd see everyone? Well there's nothing like cornering Nalini Singh and Karina Cooper stops by with a copy of Delilah Dawson's book.

Then there's the food. Behold Red beans and Rice and Andouille sausage. 
Nom Nom Nom!

Then there was Mardis Gras World. RT and the Publishers did go all out to make sure we experienced New Orleans.

Lyla Bellatas and Damon Suede

I found these two in the darkened pathways of the Haunted Mansion. 

We grooved to a New Orleans Jazz band on the way to see the floats!

Nothing like discovering authors in the floats. Which meant:

Oh look it's Sara Humphrey's

Suzanne Brockmann with her writing partner and daughter Melanine Brockmann. I tried really hard not to squeal and I remembered to acknowledge Ed  Gaffney this time. Years after meeting them in Jacksonville and having a total fan girl moment where I pretty sure I was unintelligible, I redeemed myself and got a picture.

Seriously the Jazz band rocked it out! 

There was another part to this event but, the lines were long though the food was good and for a tired girl the best thing I could for myself do was head back to the hotel. Where I ran into:

DeLonn Donovan

And decided I wasn't too tired to venture out into the cold (yes it was cold and windy) for a hilarious dinner, where we closed the restaurant down and shocked the staff.